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WhatsApp Business gets new features WhatsApp Business gets new features


WhatsApp Business gets new lift, shopping features, pricing and hosting added by Facebook

Facebook has been making a big play to be a go-to partner for little and medium services that utilize the web to interface with the larger world, and its messaging platform WhatsApp, with some 50 million services and 175 million people messaging them (and more than 2 billion users general) has been the main part of that pitch.

Now, Facebook is making three big additions to WhatsApp to fill out that proposal.

It’s launching a way to buy and pay for products and services in WhatsApp chats; it’s going head to head with the hosting service providers of the world with a new item called Facebook Hosting Services to host organizations’ online assets and activity; and– in line with its expanding product variety– Facebook stated it will lastly start to charge business utilizing WhatsApp for Business.

Facebook announced the news in a short article light on information. We have actually reached out to the company for additional information on rates, the schedule of the services, and whether Facebook will supply hosting itself or deal with third parties, and we will update this post as we find out more.

In-chat Shopping: Businesses are currently using WhatsApp to present product info and start discussions for transactions. Among the more recent advancements in that location was the addition of QR codes and the ability to share catalog links in chats, included July. At the same time, Facebook has actually been broadening the ways that businesses can show what they are selling on Facebook and Instagram, most recently with the launch in August of Facebook Store, following a comparable item present on Instagram prior to that.

WhatsApp Business gets new shopping features

WhatsApp Business gets new shopping features

Today’s move sounds like a brand-new method for services, in turn, to utilize WhatsApp both to connect through to those Facebook-native brochures, as well as other products, and then purchase products, while still staying in the chat.

At the same time, Facebook will be making it possible for merchants to include “purchase” buttons in other locations that will take shoppers to WhatsApp chats to finish the purchase. “We also want to make it simpler for businesses to integrate these features into their existing commerce and client solutions,” it notes. “This will help many small businesses who have been most affected at this time.”

Facebook is not calling this WhatsApp Pay, it seems that this is the next action ahead for the company’s aspirations to bring payments into the chat flow of its messaging app. That has been a long and winding road for the business, which finally launched WhatsApp Payments, using Facebook Pay, in Brazil, in June of this year just to have it close down by regulators for failing to meet their requirements. (The strategy has been to expand it to India, Indonesia, and Mexico next.).

Facebook Hosting Providers: These will be offered in the coming months, but no particular date to share right now. “We’re sharing our strategies now while we deal with our partners to make these services available,” the company said in a declaration to TechCrunch.

No! This is not about Facebook handling AWS. Or … not yet a minimum of? The idea here appears that it is particularly targeted at selling hosting services to the type of SMBs who currently use Facebook and WhatsApp messaging, who either currently use hosting services for their online assets, whether that be their online stores or other things, or are finding themselves now required to for the first time, now that organization is everything about being “online.”.