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Steps to convert video to MP3 audio using VLC

Did you know, you can convert videos to audio or MP3 using your VLC player?

Yes! The same VLC player use in watching movies and playing music on your PC.  You don’t believe it right?, my reaction exactly the day I found out it was possible.

But yes, it is very possible and even far simple and easier than you ever anticipated. So come along, let me walk you through these simple steps on how to convert your videos to audios using a VLC player.

Steps to convert video to audio using VLC

To convert a video to audio/MP3 using VLC, first, open your VLC Player, click on Media and select Convert/ Save.

Click on Add to choose the video you want to convert and click on open to add the file.

Again click on convert/save to continue the process.

Next, tick the display the output box and choose video to MP3 under the profile option

Click on browse, give the file a name, choose where you want to save the file, and then click on save.

And finally, click on start to complete the process.

Note: when you click on the start bottom, the music will start playing on your PC, allow it to complete playing, and fini, your audio or MP3 is ready.

Note: mine usually appears in a Firefox-like icon on my desktop where I chose to save it.

So that is it, very simple right?… once again I leave you here until I come your way with another interesting discovery. But until then, while enjoying your video to MP3 adventure, do not forget to stay safe always. Protect yourself by adhering to all the COVID-19 protocols including sanitizing your devices frequently.

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