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identify a fake Facebook Profile picture identify a fake Facebook Profile picture


How to identify a fake Facebook Profile picture

This short tutorial will teach you how to identify a fake Facebook profile picture by searching for the picture on Google.

Searching for the picture will return a list of results that will give you an idea of who actually owns or where that same picture has been used.

Step 1

While you are logged into your Facebook. Identify the picture you wish to search for.

Click to open it to open.

Download and then save it on your desktop

Step 2

Go to the Google website and click on Images at the top right corner. You can also Click Here

On the Image searching page, click on the photo icon to select the Facebook profile picture you saved on your desktop.

Google Images

Click on the image icon to open the Search by image window.

search Google images


Click on the Upload an Image tab then click on Choose File to select the picture you have downloaded from Facebook
the search result will appear automatically. This will show you which other websites have published the same picture.