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Facebook messenger gets a new design Facebook messenger gets a new design


Facebook messenger gets a new design with color and themes

Facebook has announced an update to its Messenger app, offering it a brand-new logo, more chat styles, and customized reactions.

The upgrade concentrates on aesthetics; the Messenger app now has a purple-red gradient logo design instead of the previous blue and white one, and Facebook is likewise bringing ‘love’ and ‘tie-dye’ themes to the platform.

Custom-made responses, including a fire emoji, pizza, a party horn, the ‘100’ indication, and a unicorn are likewise being rolled out.

The social networks giant’s newest look “shows a shift to the future of messaging, a more dynamic, fun, and integrated way to remain connected to individuals you’re close to”, the company wrote in an article.
It likewise comes as Facebook is incorporating its Messenger and Instagram services.
Users on one platform will now be able to message users on the other; individuals can manage where they get messages and calls – in their chats, through message requests, or disable the feature totally.

Instagram messages will get several features currently available to Messenger users, including a ‘vanish mode’ where messages will disappear after sending out, comparable to Snapchat, customizing messages with colors, and quick-forwarding.

The integration will be presented to “most users in The United States and Canada quickly”, the company states.

However, various analysts have actually explained that bringing the apps together might help improve the fortunes of Facebook in the middle of criticism, which it would make it harder for regulators to attempt to break the business into its different constituent apps.

Facebook is likewise making its other services more tightly-linked, such as its main social networks app and its Oculus virtual reality products.

Beginning in October, brand-new users will be required to sign up with their Facebook account if they are using an Oculus headset for the very first time.
Existing users will be used the choice to combine their existing Oculus account with their Facebook one.

The complete functionality of the Oculus headset will be naturally tied to a Facebook account from 2023.

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