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Facebook buys, kills or copies its competitors in attempt to be social network monopoly

The House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust figured out Facebook wields monopoly powers in social networks and has preserved its position by getting, copying, or eliminating its rivals, according to a report the group launched on Tuesday.

The report from the Democratic bulk personnel, which likewise attends to antitrust concerns concerning Amazon, Apple, Google parent-company Alphabet, advises that Congress evaluate a series of potential solutions. This includes “structural separation,” which could require the business to split parts of their businesses. Facebook might be required to divest or operationally separate photo-sharing service Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp, both of which it obtained.

The report likewise suggests that Congress thinks about any acquisition by the huge tech companies to be anticompetitive unless the business can prove that the merger would be in the public’s advantage and might not be otherwise attained.

Specific to Facebook, the report concluded “Facebook’s monopoly power is firmly established and not likely to be deteriorated by competitive pressure from new entrants or existing companies.” Facebook is entrenched as a monopoly due to its strong network impacts, high switching expenses for users, and the company’s considerable information advantage.
In particular, the report noted that Facebook fortifies its monopoly by identifying rivals that could present a risk to the company and either obtaining them, copying them, or killing them. One example of this provided by the report is a 2012 exchange between Zuckerberg and his primary financial officer at the time concerning the $1 billion Instagram acquisition.

” One way of taking a look at this is that what we’re actually buying is time,” Zuckerberg stated, according to the report. “Even if some brand-new rivals spring up, buying Instagram now … will give us a year or more to incorporate their characteristics prior to anybody can get near their scale again.”

A company spokesperson informed CNBC that “Facebook is an American success story.”

” We compete with a variety of services with millions, even billions, of people utilizing them,” the Facebook representative said in a statement. “Acquisitions become part of every industry and simply one way we innovate brand-new technologies to provide more worth to individuals. Instagram and WhatsApp have actually reached new heights of success since Facebook has invested billions in those companies. A highly competitive landscape existed at the time of both acquisitions and exists today. Regulators completely evaluated each offer and rightly did not see any reason to stop them at the time.”